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Dear Henry:


Thanks for the two days guide to show me most of the Israel.

You are a very devoting tour guide. I have learned so much from you.

John Jin -Jong Lin Taiwan





Out of the mouths of babes ....


I guided the Gabriel family from San Diego; the parents Graham and Simone and their three kids Naomi (9), Julia(8) and Aidan(5).

At the end of the day Aidan turned to me and said,"Henry ,that was the best day of my life".

In my time as a tour guide ''That was the best day of my life''.


The tour included a visit to Technoda in Givat Olga, the First Aliyah museum in Zichron Yaacov - to dress up as early pioneers and the herb garden at Ramat Hanadiv.
In between stops we had lunch in Zichron and ice-cream at Aldos


This post is dedicated to Henry Lochoff, a man with such a kind heart, who left no stone unturned whatever the need be!


When a suitcase got lost, he did not stop inquiring until it was found; when a cell phone and a purse went missing, he did all he could to find it; when a person got lost, he almost went crazy (smile); and even when an uninformed Jewish man criticized South Africa, he forgot about the coffee he wanted to buy and argued with this man until we had to drag him out of Cofix.


It was so easy to forgive you when places got lost (haha), because of who you are! 'Die Bokke' salutes the man with the white hat! Henry, you were truly handpicked to bless our touring experience. Thank you!

Ontdeks Groep 2015



I get so excited when telling all my friends and colleagues about the trip, but they just don't get it. I guess I have to send all of them over to Israel with you as a tour guide. Maybe then they will understand why I sometimes burst out in laughter when sitting alone in my office.

Thanks for being a great tour guide and making the tour so very special!





It will be my pleasure
to guide you around
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